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History of Klatovy public transport

A.Weinfurterová: V tom jsme žili



Aloisie a Božena Weinfurterová bought a withdrawn bus body of the Czech bus Praga RND in March 1964. The reason was to acquire a garden cottage quickly, cheaply and easily. By that time it wasn´t anything unusual.


The bus was bought in scrapyard of „Mototechna“ company in Pilsen. This scrapyard has been working  until now at the same place as „Walter“ company, at street. Nepomucká 111, Pilsen

On the plate of the cabin is printed "ČSAD Plzeň No..823034", on the steps is printed No. 73004.

A part of timetable has been in operation  in a driver´s  cabin until now. It says, that this bus was  last on regular service  no.: 03414 Klatovy-Nýrsko-Sv.Kateřina and line no.: 03416 Děpoltice-Nýrsko-Liščí.

The seats on the bus were situated in rows along the  sides of a bus. This was typical for buses operating in cities.

This photo was taken  in  April 1964, shortly after buying the bus. The vehicle is in original colours of CSAD. At the bottom is khakhi colour, because in that time all  the buses could be used for army purposes in case of war. Behind the windows was an orange line. Around windows and the roof was an ivory colour.

In front of the bus is standing a current owner of the bus who is three years old with his father.

A current owner of the bus is standing in front of  his beloved toy in that time and nowadays too. Photo was made around 1964.

The bus doesn´t have an original paint.

It was obvious from the begining, that the preservation of the bus will be very difficult. The outside standing body needs painting very often. The original colours were changed into red colour. It can be seen in the photo from the August 1971.